Club Policies

Club Policies

All persons on the Club’s premises are asked to comply with the Club’s dress standard, which is modern and in line with community expectations. While hats and caps, thongs, designer torn clothing, clean workwear and sleeveless shirts are permitted, we ask that patrons refrain from wearing swimwear, dirty or overly untidy clothing, clothing with political slogans or clothing with offensive language. Motorcycle Club colours are not permitted. Patrons must have footwear on at all times whilst on the Club’s premises.

Management shall determine whether a person’s clothing complies with the Club’s Dress Standards. Management may refuse admission to or turn out any person who does not comply with the Club’s Dress Standards.

Food & Beverages

Patrons are NOT permitted to bring food and beverages into the club unless prior arrangement has been made with Management. Bringing alcohol into the premises is strictly forbidden.


The privacy of patrons is important. The use of all types of cameras is NOT allowed in any gaming area of the Club, or where other patrons may be included without their permission.
Management reserves the right to make the final decision at its discretion for all policies.